This package is for you if you’re clear on the financial issue you’re facing and you need a clear plan with instructions to resolve your problem. Each package includes a 60 minute session, virtual email access to me, your BFF, Aaisha.




Choose One Topic:

  1. Financial standing assessment
  2. Personal spending plan creation
  3. Credit score analysis and improvement with actionable steps and letters
  4. Strategic debt reduction plan
  5. Savings strategy to grow your savings account
  6. Healthy money habits session to reach specific goals

Investment -



welcome to the


Most brown girls like us didn’t learn tools for healthy credit, budgeting and money management. And despite how much you make, the number of degrees you’ve earned, or the list of accomplishments you have... you can’t truly live a life of freedom, until you learn how to take care of your finances.  

Until you change your mindset, you will continue to find your bank account in the negative, living in debt beyond your means, with a low credit score.  Do you feel confused, ashamed and unsure on how to change your financial status? Well you are in the right place.  

Break free from Financial Generational Curses with Actionable Tools +

Services to Level All the Way Up  



This program is for you if you are ready to break up with your bad money habits, stress and dead weight that’s holding you back from living your best life. It’s time for you to get your life. Sis, you should feel empowered, confident and in control of your finances. This is for you if you’re tired of avoiding the conversation about finances.


This program will help you discover ways to make your money grow and work for you, repair your credit, and lower your expenses while growing your income and finally become Debt Free!  

What you will recieved -

  • Exclusive VIP Membership
  • 2 hours of coaching per month Virtual priority access to me, your BFF, Aaisha
  • Quarterly assessments;
  • Financial evaluation Short and long term financial planning
  • Money management strengths and weaknesses assessment
  • Bank statement review to identify spending patterns
  • Discovery Session to outline financial triggers and behaviors
  • Strategy session to address financial weaknesses
  • Identify money priorities based on needs, wants, and desires
  • Identify ways to decrease spending, increase income/disposable income
  • Collaborative session to customize a realistic spending plan Customized and achievable process plan to become debt free Electronic copy (workbook)

Investment -

12 month package, bi-weekly $65 12 month package, bi-weekly $95 couples

Growing up, I didn’t understand the importance of building a solid financial foundation.  - Aaisha 


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